Recently calming things

Some things I have appreciated recently and some that have helped me through:

  • this book
  • and this one
  • drinking decaffeinated tea, it has helped immeasurably- especially with that annoying restless murmur that sits in your chest
  • walking outside at lunch time
  • talking it out with a select few (the select few is important to me)
  • reading this book 
  • starting this blog
  • this reminder
  • organising a trip to Copenhagen with my friend
  • painting kitchen cabinets this colour, and they aren’t wood. I know it’s a risk…
  • writing about everything that’s going on. Getting stuff out of my head onto paper
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • crossfit
  • This lady and her blog, she is inspiring.
  • this song
  • making a plan
  • doing DIY
  • eating lots of food
  • Watching LOVE on Netflix
  • this tea before bed

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